My Goal as a Wedding Photographer 

I am way may more than just a Photographer and you are way more than just a client to me. You'r not just hiring me for a day here, your hiring me for 1-2 years.If you're looking for cheap photography, I'm not that. Your wedding day deserved SO much more than for it to be documented 'cheap'. If you're looking for a tailored photography experience on one of the single days, that matters the most? I think we should talk... If your looking for a photographer just to turn up on the day and get the job done, we probably won't fit and that's okay but if you do want someone literally to count down the days with you, getting all those details and well simply, becoming friends! I think we will suit nicely! Expect the odd instagram tag on things I think you will love and helping you plan along the way. 

Your photographer is the person you spend most of your day with, so it is very important you like me and I am the right one for you.